IKEA 4. Part 1:6 Flow

Oct 12

Based on my scenario I started to put together a flow chart, screen-by-screen on how the user would navigate through the apps system as she completed her tasks.

After discussing the personas and scenarios with Stefan in the class we agreed to pick two of the personas and alter Lucy’s scenario to better suit our direction. Sandra is 5 months pregnant and wants to prepare the babies room with furniture from IKEA. Lucy is now Sandra’s mother and wants to help by buying the furniture for her.

The app needs to provide a new function that will allow the “wish list” of furniture to be shared. This list can go back and forth between them and they can add or remove items from the list as they see fit.

Once a final list has been decided on, Lucy will then buy them though the app. The team  decided to meet on Saturday morning to develop the first complete prototype of the app interface for next Tuesday class.



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