IKEA 4. Part 2:6 Flow Refine

Oct 13 & 14

Having redefined the scenario and created an initial user flow chart, I set out to develop the flow chart further and draw up a more precise user interface. To begin with I downloaded a blank mobile device template. For ease of use at this stage the mobile phone template allowed for more screens on one A4 page. I also downloaded a visual of a number of icons with common hand-gestures commands, such as Tab, Double Tab, Pinch Zoom, etc.

With the user Sandra and her scenario in mind I populated the mobile template with screen items. These items would enable her to complete tasks in her effort to fulfill her goals of producing a wish list of products from IKEA. She can share the list with her mother Lucy.

Under each of the screens I wrote notes to explain what was being done on each screen. I did the flow from her initial search, though to her browsing in furniture showrooms and right through to her creating and sharing the product wish list.




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