IKEA 4. Part 3:6 First Complete Prototype

Oct 15

The team group had organised to meet up early Saturday morning in Rachel’s house, as we would have the freedom to work there together all day. We would go though and combine our work to date to produce the first complete paper prototype. At the start of the meeting each of us went though their work flow charts and explained them in detail to the other team members. We critiqued them to look at what we thought was working well and what needed to be developed more.

At this early stage it was decided that Lucy would be the primary user to showcase all the areas we were working on as a group though just one user.  As she would be purchasing the items and we wanted to show how the Shared List feature the list would be created by her then shared with an another user in this case Sandra. This would simplify the flow through the main tasks of Search, List Creation, Sharing and Checkout.

After going though this initial plan we divided the user process into separate sections such as SEARCH / SHOWROOM / BASKET / SHARE / CHECKOUT. Using a whiteboard we drew out step-by-step and screen-for-screen what the user would need to do in order to complete the tasks for each section. As we drew out this new navigational flow chart we referred back to our previous individual flow charts and discussed and further refined the tasks in hand. With final decisions we referred back to Neilson’s 10 Principles of the Iterative Process to make sure that they took these into account.

The whiteboard was very practical in this process because we could quickly correct any element within a screen/ or the whole screen itself. It allowed us to run though the tasks constantly refining and developing them till we reached a satisfactory conclusion. When a section was complete we photographed it, wiped it out and began the next section.

Once we had gone though and drawn out this complete and refined flow we began to put together the paper prototype. Once again as we were creating the paper prototype we were able to see what was working better in regards to the heuristics on menus, floating windows, safety, etc. Once completed the paper prototype we went though the scenario from the top, looking at how the user went from A to B.

We again identified the weaker sections of the system, such as the Product and Showroom screen at the start and the detailed product display. But as it was now nearly nine in the evening we decided to just make a note of them for another day!



First movie of paper prototype:



Paper prototype stills:


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