IKEA 4. Part 4:6 User Testing

Oct 18

We did two complete user tests, one with Stefan and another with a different team from the class. During the first test with Stefan I took note of issues and also what was working well.

Just before the test we had decided to change the early search screen with the Showroom & Products that we had been unhappy about previously. We introduced a split screen device the user could control by dragging it left or right. This new format seemed to work better went down well.

It was quickly identified that the system was too complex. That there were too many layers of floating windows and that without guidance it was easy for the user to loose their bearings within the system. This layering effect was the main issue to address and one idea was to use a permanent menu on screen to display products or room product lists.

Other things of note was having a SECLECT ALL option within the showroom pages and maybe to use accordion lists if there was a lot of information, for instance like on the product detail sections.

For the purposed of this project it was suggested that overall the scope was a little too broad and that we didn’t need to go into so much detail on the checkout process. We needed to pair it back and concentrate on the showroom section and make that simpler to navigate through.

On the second test with the group from the class we started off by informing them of the users personas, and the scenarios that they were using the app in. The home page and initial product search sections went smoothly enough. However once they reached the Showroom screen some prompting was needed to inform them about adding and removing products to the basket. It was mentioned that it might be a good to have a straight to checkout option within the Showroom list. Also that the Basket icon was to have a more pronounced effect once an item was added to it. At the moment there is a number above basket indicating the amount of items inside. The number goes up and down reflecting if items have been added or removed.

The LIKE option was thought to be a nice feature and useful when sharing the list between the users. It was also suggested that it would be good to show the items in the list in order by the amount of LIKES each product gets. This would be a good development on the like feature, in the case of the list was being shared between a number of users but for our scenario where there were just two people looking at the list so it was deemed outside of the scope.

Oct 19

We did a further user test with Andrew although his time was shortened due to the first half of the class being taken up by a guest speaker. We decided to just go though the parts of the Showroom section that we were having issues with, namely the individual product information displays and adding to the basket. We gave a brief outline of the scenario for context and went through the user tasks flow.

We had simplified the Showroom as a result from the previous days testing by changing it from a 3D virtual room to a 2D room with a 360 pan feature. We also added a default menu to the right of the screen that displayed a product list of all the items in that room and removed the pop up window option. One comment was that we could further simplify the Showroom further to a static image that had fewer products. This was an interesting point as it would reflect the printed catalogue closer and simplify the UI for the user but on further analysis from the team it was decided that we would keep with the 360 room pan. We could simplify the panning option by just having a horizontal axis allowing that the room view was at a wide enough angle an up and down panning option would not be necessary.


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