IKEA 4. Part 5:6 A Further Refine

Oct 21

In preparation for the teams final complete reworking of the paper prototype on Saturday I looked at the some of issues we were still struggling with such as navigation, product information display and the basket.

I looked at moving the Showroom menu for the product list from the right to the left of the screen. This would take into account the users typical reading pattern of going from left to right and it would also help in displaying the information on the content heavy product detail sections. On the product detail sections there is a lot of content to digest and a familiar pattern would help with this.

I looked more closely at Neilson’s points on system recognition over recall and the systems ability to be flexible for both an experienced user and a novice. I sought to continue the use of the arrows to indicate that displays can be moved on a horizontal axis within the screen. This navigational character was first introduced to the user early on in the split screen between showing SHOWROOMS & PRODUCTS.

When the user wants to access detail on a particular item within the showroom they simply tap the item once, which reveals basic product information with a button to view it in more detail. Double tabbing the same item would also reveal the detailed product view. A floating dialogue box then appears from the menu list. It travels three quarters the way across the screen so the user can still view a portion of the room below.

This same viewer can then be removed by simply following previous actions and flick or drag the right sided of the window as indicated by the arrow. They could also hit the X button but it might be an idea to reserve the X button as a safeguard back/undo feature throughout the app.

More Screen Stills:



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