IKEA 4. Part 6:6 Final Paper Prototype

Oct 22

The team met again early Saturday 22nd to do the final complete iteration and produce the finished paper prototype. The meeting began as a last time by the members going though the work they had done on addressing the outstanding issues within the prototype. These were discussed, refined and then adapted to the prototype. Each section was looked at through the viewpoint of the user and what would happen when they chose a particular action. This part of the process was produced on rough diagrams.

We referred to the following article on points such as the use of accordions for info display and scrolling between images on the product detail page.


A number of things at this stage were discussed in fine detail such as the use of accordions on the product detail page, or the showroom menus reflecting a product that is already in the basket and how products are updated within the basket. This was not always an easy process as explaining and trying to justify a decision was not always agreed upon. This was the exception though as overall most decisions were agreed with the group.

Once any decisions were final on what the precise action would be the related screens were then drawn up for the final paper prototype. This process was followed on all sections to produce the complete workable paper prototype. Further minor details were also discussed during this process to iron out any kinks, such as how to show what items were selected within the Share section of the basket.

For the approaching final project presentation on Wednesday the team agreed to use a movie of the prototype created using the software app POP. There was a talk over on the movie describing the users actions and explaining what was happening on screen. The movie would be used at the end of a PowerPoint presentations outlining the stages of the project; Problem, Persons, Scenario, Prototype, Iteration, Evaluation.


Oct 25

A change on the format for the presentation was decided on at the last minute. We would no longer use the POP movie but would use stills in a Powerpoint presentation instead.



Final Paper Prototype Movie:



Final Paper Prototype Stills:


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