IKEA 1. Initial thoughts and group tasks

Oct 5

We received the project brief and instructed on the task of how we might improve the IKEA app. I first took a look at the reviews section on Google Play to get an initial feel for what people were saying about the app. I made a simple list of the most common themes people were remarking on, such as SPEED, SEARCH, and NAVIGATION. I then put a tick beside each heading every-time a review mentioned that particular topic or theme. This way I was able to quickly get an idea of some of the main issues that people were having.

We were then separated into our respective groups of three within the class. The group discussed what we thought were some of the main issues. We agreed early on that there should be just one overall app that incorporated both the Catalogue and Store apps. Within the group it was agreed that we each develop one Persona and create a specific Scenario that that person would employ. We decided on a list of three possible personas 1) single young person 2) middle aged family person and 3) an older/senior person. The reasoning being the 3 groups would cover three levels of computer efficiency such as good, intermediate and basic. I was assigned to develop the family persona.



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