IKEA 5. Evaluation

Overall I’m pleased at how the project developed and turned out in the end. My team mates were both diligent and hard-working. The process in creating the paper prototype was a new experience for me and was both enjoyable and informative. It was important during the project to try and keep things within the agreed scope as sometimes I felt we went off on tangents. We as a group may have sometimes got hung-up on finer details when a more simplified approach would have benefited us better. However, the quality of each persons input throughout the course of the project was creative and useful. Differing viewpoints at times were challenging to get an agreement on but we worked through the vast majority of these to produce an agreed solution. The key lesson I would take from this project was the usefulness of creating a story to give context to how this or any other system might be employed. It focused me as the designer to constantly question any adjustments I might make through the prism of that story. To be unbiased and objective in my approach so that I can benefit the end user on their terms. The paper prototype was a very useful way to gain insights to what decisions a user might want to make. The finished piece is by no means the finished article and there is certainly room for improvement. But given the time-scale and resources I feel we covered a broad enough area of the apps system and in sufficient depth as to demonstrate how it would be improved for the user. I look forward then to the next project!


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