Project 2: Part 11 – Final Prototype

David was to produce the Powerpoint file for the presentation so I was assigned to produce the final Prototype for the presentation and Fergal would help to go though it looking for any final amendments.  So using the same process I made the necessary corrections that were informed by the second round of testing. It was then shared on Invision for any more comments to be made.

Iterations were rapidly made at this point, I found a free site for the creating of a video for the presentation called screencast. Below is a link to the first early video:

When everything was finalised the finished video was created for the presentation – final video is on Google Drive.


The main changes were to the Date and Times screens so that they were separated and not in dual screens, the Route listing would be corrected and confirmation pages added to the promotion screen and before payment.

1. separate screen for outbound date and time

2. separate screen for return date and time

Each time one field was selected by the user it would return to the “home screen” giving immediate confirmation.


1. price confirmation on passengers screen

2. promotion price breakdown

3. timestable routes listed separately

4. Ticket button highlighted


Some additional changes made that did not relate to user testing directly:


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