Project 2: Part 12 – Evaluation

I’m satisfied at how the project developed and turned out in the end but I think there is more that could be done. We only briefly looked at goals of the business and did not explore other aspects of the website. Features such as Latest News, Chat, Destinations, Whats On, etc.

The process in creating the surveys was a new experience for me and was both enjoyable and informative, although I found the analysis hard – especially the quantitative parts.

It was important during the project to try and keep things within the agreed scope as sometimes I felt we went off on tangents.

In the  group I sometimes did not understand feedback or peoples research conclusions –  a more simplified and clear approach would have benefited better.

However, the quality of each persons input throughout the course of the project was largely good and useful. We worked through the vast majority of issues these to settle on an agreed solution.

I tried to remain unbiased and objective in my approach, especially on the user tests, so that I would benefit the end user on their terms of design.

The finished piece is by no means the finished article and there is certainly room for improvement.

But given the time-scale and resources I feel we covered the most important area of the apps system and in sufficient depth as to demonstrate how it would be improved for the user.


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