Project 2: Part 4 – Survey Analysis – Users

53 GoBus users surveyed:

Male to female ratio was marginally higher for males
Majority of users aged between 26 – 35
Vast majority live in Galway, Dublin next
Vast majority spend < eur50 on travel/month
Almost everyone used the internet daily
Most popular device for browsing internet = smart phone
Desktop, tablet & laptop next popular (in that order).
Keeping in touch with people = greatest use of net
News, info, bookings, entertainment & online shopping next popular
Vast majority use GoBus occasionally
Most users tend to book via the website (on a computer). Accessing the website via A smart phone is next most popular.
Main purpose is for airport commute or leisure
Most popular ticket type is adult

These finding from Fergal along with the Affinity Mapping we did as a team gave us a good idea of what the typical GoBus user characteristics were from the survey. With the above  in mind we set about further developing the interview script that we were working on for our user interviews and observations.


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