Project 2: Part 7 – Persona Creation and Scenarios

The general finding from the research found that the user was; a single male, aged between 25-35, had no kids, was not a homeowner, was comfortable with technology and used the internet every day.

His GoBus traits were that he was an occasional GoBus user, he mainly used the site to make a booking and checking timetable. He never used the GoBus Club. He’d like the process to be quicker and easier to use. Thought the overall Layout was poor and unclear. Booking process was slow and not efficient, felt that too much info was required when booking a ticket, that the process was unclear. Pays with card, Feels website is secure, would like to receive ticket through an app – like Ryanair. Thought it was difficult to access timetable and they were unclear, was confused by wording and route numbers.

Fergal was unable to attend the last class before the Christmas break so David and I prepared an initial persona on Xtensio that was uploaded to Slack where Fergal made edits by refining the goals to produce a second Persona. We then made suggestions through Slack before settling on the final characteristics chosen for the persona.

The main finding from the research in formulating the persona were that it would be a Male who we named Jack, aged between 29 from Galway, comfortable with technology and is an occasional user.


We then talked about each individually generating a scenario and would pick out the two most suitable.  We needed to focus on the sequence of tasks in an activity and what resources were required to complete it. The two scenarios had to describe the two most common tasks that our persona would carry out using the app.

Having gathered a list of goals that Jack wants to achieve I put together an initial outline of a story that would cover each of the main goals. I developed an initial scenario that required Jack to make an impromptu booking to the airport from Galway on the next available bus.


We discussed the scenarios over Slack to make sure they were based on the goals of the persona and the actions required in order to achieve them. The scenarios were used to inform the design process on the most important user interactions and system responses.


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